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No-Risk Digital Marketing Services. We only make money if you make money.

Our Digital Marketing Service is a “Turn-Key” solution and is perfect for companies who have a great product but do not have the time or in-house expertise to sell on Amazon.

We provide expert, affordable consulting to help you get started with selling on Amazon, optimizing Amazon listings, or managing your Amazon seller account for you Contact us for a quote.

No Additional Capital or Changes to Your Current Business Processes

Essentially you are getting an in-house capability to sell products on Amazon without incurring the expense. We handle every aspect of the process from the time your inventory leaves your location.

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Full Service Amazon Webstore Management

Account Setup Assistance

  • Product listings upload by spreadsheet
  • Optimized product images & SEO content
  • Pricing, Owning the buy box
  • Fulfillment by amazon (FBA)
  • Customer support
  • Inventory management
  • Product reviews
  • Seller Feedback
  • Marketing, PPC Advertising
  • Reporting

Seller Account Management

  • Seller Account Management
  • Product Listing Optimization
  • Order fulfillment management
  • Suspended account assistance
  • Marketing, PPC Advertisement
  • Seller feedback management
  • Customer support
  • Reporting – Sales & Profits
  • Blocked product listing help
Optimizing Amazon Listings

  • Improve product rankings
  • Product listings review
  • Keyword analysis
  • Marketing, PPC Advertising
  • Repricing
  • Suspended account assistance
  • Product reviews
  • Seller feedback incl. negative feedback removal
  • Customer support
  • Blocked product listing support

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We Streamline Your Selling Process

Our process removes all the hassle and responsibilities of selling products on Amazon.

Here are the steps;

  1. We send you 2 shipping labels to be placed on the exterior of each master carton.
  2. You arrange for the items to be picked up by either UPS or Fedex
  3. When your item sells, on a by-weekly basis, we remit the funds net of our 10% fee less applicable Amazon fees.
  4. You replenish inventory as needed and at your discretion.
  5. You can choose to add or remove products at any time.

Our Fees

We charge 10% of the sales price of the items you actually sell. If you don’t sell any items, you don’t pay any fees.

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Contact us for a quote

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