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A Deep Dive Into A-Ben-A-Qui Multi-Purpose Cleaner

Jul 26, 2016 | A-Ben-A-Qui, Blog | 0 comments

The A-Ben-A-Qui™ Universal Cleaner is a revolutionary multi-purpose cleaner that is environmentally certified, yet incredibly powerful.

The paste is certified by Chlorine Free Product Association and is Childsafe certified. A-Ben-A-Qui is environmental safe, easy to use and cost effective. Primarily sold as an all purpose cleaner, scouring paste and mark remover. A-Ben-A-Qui has fast become the number one environmental safe graffiti cleaner. Presently sold to thousands of schools, colleges, and university systems, in addition to thousands of hospitals, hotels, municipalities and other businesses across the United States, Canada, and Europe. Maintenance staffs around the world have made A-Ben-A-Qui their “Go To Product”!

A-Ben-A-Qui Universal Cleaner is an environmentally certified multi-purpose paste that cleans and polishes in one operation. It is very cost effective and will replace many of your liquids and aerosols that you currently use.


  • Deionized Water (7732-18-5)
  • Sodium Tetraborate Decahydrate (001303-96-4)
  • Silicon Dioxide (68476-25-5)
  • Anhydrous Soap (8052-18-0)

Some Background:

A-Ben-A-Qui Universal Cleaner is certified by the Chlorine Free Product Association and is Childsafe Certified, exceeding all standards in both organizations. A-Ben-A-Qui was developed in Vermont in 1951, making A-Ben-A-Qui one of the oldest environmentally preferable cleaners in the United States. The paste was initially developed as a multi-purpose cleaner for Gas service stations along the Eastern Coast of the United States.

As we learn more about the links between chemical exposures and human health, physicians and researchers are looking closely at the products used to clean schools, where children, as well as teachers and staff, spend many hours each day. School districts across the country are adopting policies requiring the use of “green” products to clean their facilities.

But the term “green” has not been clearly defined. Some petrochemical manufacturers are simply diluting their original formulas with water and calling them “green,” despite the fact that petrochemicals in diluted formulations still present the risk of chronic low level exposures. Bio-based cleaners, without fragrances or dyes, are becoming widely accepted as safe and effective alternatives.

To help decision makers understand this important issue, The Grassrootes Environmental Organization of New York has lead the way and have created a resource document on green cleaning products called The Childsafe Guidelines. This document grew out of the green purchasing guidelines originally established several years ago by the EPA and the Department of the Interior which promoted bio-based products, and has been updated by Grassroots based on the latest medical research, discussions with facilities directors, and information from manufacturers. It is important to note that the State of New York who have lead the way in mandating “green Cleaning” have adopted the Child Safe Guidelines developed by this grassroots organization.

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